spirit being from one world to another

hold my hand

tall thing sky reacher cloud breaker heaven seeker

fantasise my heart

giant man frog jumper lion tamer wolf howler mouse twitcher

green grass me fields of friendship

deep sea dive me blue and Indigo insights

oasis me into believing that all the

wood metal stone bone flesh can become

a diamond that sparkles

a knuckle duster that survives

a moving deity that loves that the

smallest crystal replica of sky gods and

goddesses will stay safe in my pocket

and tell me no lies

Patterns in the psyche

here’s a close up of Jupiter sky god home of eagles

marbled air in the brain that twists and swirls

the amber toffee apple machine the candy-floss

another planet unattainable unlike home

yet we crave it crave until we have it

over and over smash and grab it

here it is safe in history lost in reality

is there peace under this atmosphere

where just one life repeats repeats repeats

a clocks steady tick patterns we make

galloping horses versus a roller coaster

this is life again this is life someone told me


Painted in Waterlogue

It’s all topsy turvy

poppies in January

seed heads in May

dead leaves in June

it’s about balance

pennies in the pocket

snowfall in July

but where’s the sense in

a cockeyed world


halfofusexperience hell daily

the experts tell us of warming

about hearts and weather

two’s company

three’s a crowd

syndrome or fact

lies told daily

but where’s the ideology in

hurricanes and tornados

fierce oceans and

earthquaked homes

who will save us now

sandals  shoes  headscarves

smiles  holding hands

forgiveness of

sins  misdemeanours

wrong footings

full moon madness

who will save you now

the elephant graveyard

the green man

the goddess of stars

prayers at bedtime

knees sore with worry

who will save me now

the thread in a needle’s eye

driftwood on the shore

truth written down

at the bottom of duvets

weather is now

a momentary item

fully present daily

in dreams

in our waking days


A year in reflection

most years are mixed, events and emotions, this ones been full of heartache and blessings. I’ve sadly lost contact with friends that I valued and loved very much, I hold my hands up and regret many words spoken in haste, but realise all sides of that particular coin, the dynamics etc. I cannot understand the haste of damnation or the lack of healing ventured, and so I do not look back only forward to new events on the horizon with sadness and forgiveness in my heart. Whatever discord and hurt there has been I have felt held and nurtured by my dearest friends and new ones made, which is all one can ask for. I always welcome lessons to learn about myself and others, the whole worlds view of it all. I feel valued for the essence of who I am and that is love and joy and all those nasty bits we all have! Thanks to everyone seen and unseen that have helped me to stay on the path of my truth and may you all love and live in happiness. Go well into 2018 xxxx⭐️🌟✨💫🌈🌈🌞🌞

Letting go and calling in


From the outside

looking in

from the terrace

the purple brick wall

the glass window

the neon pink life

all those fine lines

crevices where

cement filler


dead grits

find a way in

even the solitary

plastic bottle

a fluorescent green

liquid existence.

From the inside

looking out

trees are budding

horse chestnuts

outside the gallery

grass is waiting

to green again

time ticks loud

on town hall clocks

but inside

looking out

we are captured

in an image

at the stroke of



loud happiness

across the valley

will tell us all

last year has gone

and all we have

in our eyes

is something new

At this time of year

At this time of year

I miss my mum and dad,

the joy and good will they

brought to so many Christmas days,

maybe it was the era or just the two of them

that made it magic for me.

At this time of year

I relish the thoughts of so many

coming together around our blue planet,

every single one of us wanting love and peace.

I relish these thoughts, if only we could

hold them steady in our hearts.

At this time of year

I welcome dark days, a time to go deep inside,

to be quiet, find a still-point, where only

the now has importance, where light shows

us the shortness, a reflection of the speed of life.

At this time of year

I notice more about the dressed turkey in us all

the tinsel and fairy lights that makes us more

at ease with who we are. I contemplate

all my losses, my inner battles and focus

on forgiveness, mine and yours.

At this time of year

I call on the healing as hearts send out love

to my own family and many others,

the fortunates and unfortunates

the greedy and the starving

the peacemakers and the warmongers,

each human being I have hurt along the way

knowing we can never return to a

balanced place of trust.

At this time of year

magnets hold us together

amplify the void we tumble towards.

At this time of year

blessings, blessings to us all.